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Research Projects


Our spintronics research investigates spin-orbit interaction related effects and is performed in strong collaborations with various partners worldwide. Beside internal collaboration within Hitachi we are working with groups from the Institute of Physics ASCR in Prague (Czech Republic), the Microelectronics Research Centre from the University of Cambridge (UK), the University of Nottingham (UK), the Texas A&M University in College Station (USA) and the Institut d'Electronique Fondamentale in Orsay (France).

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Quantum Information

Research at Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory focuses on both experimental and theoretical studies of spin qubits in silicon nano-FETs, Single dopant and defect in silicon-based materials and Topological Insulators

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Optical Physics

Under construction !!

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The Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory is well equiped for transport measurement including DC, AC and high frequency techniques and optical studies, all from room temperature down to mK using of the five cryostats.

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Latest News

Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory on Youtube

August 2018

A presentation of activities from japanese company in the UK

Integration of quantum and digital devices demonstrated

May 2018

Editor's suggestion in Physical Review A

Current-polarity dependent manipulation of antiferromagnetic domains

March 2018

Article published in Nature Nanotechnology

Antiferromagnetic memory successfully written at Thz speed

March 2018

Article published in Science

The multiple directions of antiferromagnetic spintronics

March 2018

All details in Nature Physics

Displacing a domain wall using laser pulses

May 2017

The article has been published in Nature Communication

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This is a series of monthly one-hour seminars delivered by eminent scientists from around the world and spanning a wide range of research fields including physics, engineering, materials science, chemistry, biology, and medicine. It is hosted by the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory

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You can meet us at one of these conferences.

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