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  • ISPSA 2018

    Jeju, South Korea, 1st-5th July 2018

    The conference provides an excellent forum for interaction and developing friendship with participants from various countries who are involved in research, development, engineering, manufacturing, and application of fundamental physics to the newest technologies and devices, such as graphene, topological insulators, Nano-bio devices, green energy technologies in particular.

  • World Summit on Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology

    Cambridge, United Kingdom, 4th-6th January 2018

    The Cambridge Summit 2018 is a platform for defining, introducing, and presenting utterly novel methodologies for responsibly addressing the pressing contemporary Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) problems. We expect practical recommendations and good solutions to the current and near-future SET challenges to be presented and defended. To this end Cambridge Summit 2018, shall facilitate several novel initiatives. A series of short courses and tutorials will be offered to present the latest technologies to the interested audiences. The Summit shall actively promote finding matches between solution seekers and solution providers. Being the World Summit on Advanced Science, Engineering and Technology, Cambridge Summit 2018 shall aim at constituting a committee for precisely formulating and categorizing challenging SET problems to be solved by 2025.

Latest News

Cryo-electronics for multiplexed dispersive readout

December 2021

Article published in Nature Electronics

A singlet-triplet hole spin qubit in Ge

July 2021

Article published in nature Materials

Quantum advantage in postselected metrology

July 2020

Article published in Nature Communications

Optical Gating in Hexagonal Boron Nitride

May 2020

Article published in Nanoletters

A new method for imaging and writing magnetic domains

November 2019

Article published in Nature Communications

Polaron spin dynamics

June 2019

Article published in Nature Physics

Quantum devices read by a dynamic random access architecture

June 2019

Article published in Nature Electronics

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