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Laboratory Members

The Laboratory members are :

Laboratory Manager :

Deputy Manager :

Operations Officer :

Research Scientists :

Research Students :

Former members' pages can be found here

From bottom to top and left to right :

Renichi Yamada, Masakatsu Mori, Lisa Ibberson, Janette Roberts, Virginia Ciriano Tejel (UCL), Marie Drouhin (ENS France), Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba, Thierry Ferrus, Koichi Watanabe, David Ibberson (U. of Bristol), Marcos Esterli Lahoz (UCL), Fréderic Brossard, Pierre Roy, Tsung-Yeh Yang, Jonathan Mar Aleksey Andreev, Thomas Wagner, Andrew Ramsay, Jöerg Wunderlich, Imtiaz Ahmed (U. of Cambridge), Theodor Lundberg (U. of Cambridge), Kiyotaka Hammura

Were absent : Rubén Otxoa, Riccardo Di Pietro and James Haigh

Latest News

Cryo-electronics for multiplexed dispersive readout

December 2021

Article published in Nature Electronics

A singlet-triplet hole spin qubit in Ge

July 2021

Article published in nature Materials

Quantum advantage in postselected metrology

July 2020

Article published in Nature Communications

Optical Gating in Hexagonal Boron Nitride

May 2020

Article published in Nanoletters

A new method for imaging and writing magnetic domains

November 2019

Article published in Nature Communications

Polaron spin dynamics

June 2019

Article published in Nature Physics

Quantum devices read by a dynamic random access architecture

June 2019

Article published in Nature Electronics

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