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Dr David Arvidsson-Shukur

Telephone : +44.1223.44.29.04 (Direct)

                  +44.1223.44.29.00 (Secretary)

Email: drma2 (add domain name : "")

List of publications

Journal articles :

Conference proceedings :

  • I. A. Calafell, T. Stromberg, D. R. M. Arvidsson-Shukur, L. A. Rozema, V. Saggio, C. Graganti, N. C. Harris, M. Prabhu, J. Carolan, M. Hochberg, T. Baehr-Jones, D. Englund, C. H. W. Barnes, and P. Walther, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), p (2019), Genuine Counterfactual Communication with a Nanophotonic Processor