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Dr Elisa De Ranieri

Telephone : +44.1223.44.29.09 (Direct)

                  +44.1223.44.29.00 (Secretary)

Email: ed299 (add domain name : "")

Research Interests

  • Spintronics

I have joined the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory as a research scientist after completion of my PhD studies in Physics at the University of Cambridge (Microelectronics Group, Cavendish Laboratory). My PhD project was aimed at the characterisation of the effects of lithographically-induced strain relaxation on the anisotropic magnetoresistance of GaMnAs.

Recent Research projects

I am currently working on the effects of an applied strain on the magnetic properties of GaMnAs. In particular, I am studying the effects of strain on field- and current-induced domain wall motion, via modification of the magnetic anisotropy. Strain of the order of 10-4 is induced in GaMnAs thin films with the aid of a piezo-electric actuator. Typical device geometries are Hall bars with a width of a few microns. Magneto-optical Kerr microscopy is employed to image the domain structure of the devices, in combination with magneto-transport measurements to monitor the position of domain walls.

Last Publications