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Dr James Haigh

Telephone : +44.1223.44.29.13 (Direct)

                  +44.1223.44.29.00 (Secretary)

Email: jh877 (add domain name : "")

Research Interests

  • Spintronics

I recently completed my PhD at the University of Nottingham, on the study of the magnetic and magneto-transport properties of both the ferromagnetic semiconductor gallium manganese arsenide and ultra thin-iron epilayers on gallium arsenide. In August 2012, I joined the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory as a research scientist.

Recent Research projects

The focus of my current research, in collaboration with Joerg Wunderlich, is the investigation of novel electrical spin-current detection methods based on the spin Hall effect in various semiconductor systems. The injection of spin polarised currents into non-magnetic semiconductors will be studied in both the diffusive to ballistic transport regimes, to understand the origin of spin dependent hall effects and in particular enable comparison of intrinsic and extrinsic contributions to the effect.

Last Publications