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Dr Masahiro Kawasaki

Telephone : +44.1223.44.29.33 (Direct)

                  +44.1223.44.29.00 (Secretary)

Email: mk605 (add domain name : "")

Research Interests

  • Spintronics

Recent Research projects

I have been working on device physics of organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) using small molecule organic semiconducting materials in order to realize large and printed devices with stability and uniformity as well as high mobility. Especially, I have been investigating the mechanism of bias-stress-induced degradation of OTFT devices, especially microscopic origin of the threshold voltage shift assisted by extrinsic factors of oxidation or presence of moisture, and intrinsic factors of inherent structural and electronic disorder. I also characterise the charge transport at the interfaces between semiconductor, insulator, and metal contact.

Last Publications