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Dr Shuichi Mamishin

Telephone : +44.1223.44.29.33 (Direct)

                  +44.1223.44.29.00 (Secretary)

Email: sm991 (add domain name : "")

Research Interests

  • Electron Miscroscopy

I have been working on developing a transmission electron microscope (TEM) since 2005 when I joined Hitachi. A 300 kV TEM model HF-3300 which is equipped with a field emission gun is the first TEM that I worked on to develop further electron holography functions. Then I collaborated with Osaka Univ. aiming to improve a eucentric goniometer dedicated to electron tomography. The goniometer has been installed in a 3 MV TEM model H-3000 in the Research Centre for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy Osaka Univ. since 2007. From 2008-2010, I was transferred to Dr Akira Tonomura's Lab. and engaged in observation of behaviour of vortices in high-temperature superconductors and the phenomenon of ferromagnetic domain switching.

Recent Research projects

My current research is to develop phase plate functions in a TEM. Electron micrographs acquired by soft materials such as biological specimens cause problems of weak phase contrasts due to weak interactions between incident electrons and atoms. Phase plates are a tool to control a phase contrast transfer function (PCTF) so that phase contrasts can be enhanced under in-focus observation conditions. This will be a promising solution to weak phase contrasts.

Last Publications