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Laboratory history

Following the globalisation of its research and development initiated in 1985, Hitachi established the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory (HCL) in collaboration with the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge University. Due to the already existing links between the Microelectronic electronic group headed by Prof. Haroon Ahmed and Hitachi Limited, it was decided to locate the laboratory inside the Microelectronic Research centre allowing closer interaction and to propose its direction to Prof. Haroon Ahmed.

Research initially focused on microelectronics using transport techniques. This rapidly resulted in the demonstration of the first single electron memory in 1993 and the first single electron logic in 1995. Work has also been carried out on Single-electron parametron memory cell in the years 2000-2004 which led to the development of a major activity on quantum computation. Aside this, research on magnetism started in 2003. This led in particular to the discovery of Coulomb blockade anisotropic magnetoresistance as well as Spin injection Hall effect.

Over the years, collaboration extended with other research groups at the Cavendish site, firstly the Microelectronics group and the Optoelectronics group then the Semiconductor Physics, the Thin Film Magnetism and the Atomic, Mesoscopic and Optical Physics Group with the aim of creating new concepts of advanced electronic and optoelectronic devices.

HCL is a truly international team of researchers, and its open research environment produces a profitable collaboration upon a range of research projects.

A single-minded determination to improve 'quality', cultivate 'technology' and achieve 'reliability'.

These traits crystallized into the founding spirit of Hitachi that is alive and well in its factories around the world today

Mr Hiroaki Nakanishi, Former President of Hitachi, Ltd.

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